Visit Palestine Olive Harvest Festival
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Olive Harvest Festival (Jaru'a)

There is much to celebrate -- the good fruit of the earth, cooperative and equitable working relationships, economic progress, steps towards sustainability, and international support and solidarity – and you are invited.

The PFTA Olive Harvest Festival is held annually in Jenin on the first Friday of November. This festival, or jaru’a, is a traditional farm celebration of the harvest as it is in progress. Farmers, representatives of cooperatives, fair trade distributors, and international volunteers gather together.


Fair Trade Networking


The festivities held at Canaan Fair Trade headquarters include

Fair Trade Exhibit

Palestinian fair trade producing cooperatives, fair trade processors, and traders showcase their products and programs. Fair trade producers and international fair trade buyers and distributors have an opportunity to network -- develop leads, exchange information, and share expertise beneficial to both the international and Palestinian fair trade movements.

Olive Oil Tasting


Raw Organic Olive Oil


Olive oil tasting introduces guests and buyers to the differences and special qualities of various Palestinian olive oils.


Tasting organic fair trade olive oli


Harvest Meal (Musakhan)

The traditional Palestinian olive harvest dinner is prepared with taboun, traditional flatbread soaked in olive oil and topped with sautéed onions spiced with sumac and covered with roasted almonds and chicken. The taboun oven is heated with olive twigs and wood.

Folk Entertainment

Local traditional groups perform Palestinian harvest songs and other traditional melodies. Village elders share their oral histories to the pride of their families and the respect of the listeners.


Elder Palestinian Olive Farmers


Farmers invite internationals and other guests to join in performing the harvest dance with traditional dabke steps.



Dabke dance


PFTA extends an invitation to international visitors and solidarity groups to join in the olive harvest celebration and share this intimate moment with Palestinian farmers. Harvest dinner is 50 ILS.  Please call the Canaan Fair Trade office – 972 04 234-1991 – for meal reservations.


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